Our Philosophy

Bill acknowledges his love for water was firmly set on the meeting of his first swimming coach Graeme Williams (1942-2008). Graeme's passion for swimming was immense; his ability to build this love of the sport with all of those around him was his rare gift that affected many swimmers under his direction. Although Bill had many coaches over his 16 years in the sport, his friendship with Graeme continued right through. Graeme mentored Bill in building the Kirby Swim programs, and worked with Bill coaching swimmers, training staff and talking with parents. With this great friendship and mentor-pupil relationship Bill acknowledges that a lot of what Kirby Swim is about today was formed with the help of Graeme (his first coach), and the understanding of how much a teacher and coach can engage their pupil remains at the core of the Kirby Swim philosophy.

At Kirby Swim we are passionate about swimming, making it fun, working as a 'family' in partnership with parents to get the most out of all of our swimmers. We create confident kids that try harder, progress faster and love their swimming lessons.

Australia has become one of the world's greatest swimming nations. In Western Australia our families are constantly around the water, at the beach, in backyard pools and in boats in the rivers or in the glorious Indian Ocean. Swimming as a form of exercise and general fitness can be enjoyed for a life time and being able to swim from a young age and being a strong enough to swim from danger is a very important skill within our culture.

Even with our strong affiliation of the water drowning are still the major the cause of accidental death among our children, accounting for one child every week as a result of preventable drowning in Australia. Swimming lessons and supervision are vital in decreasing this statistic. Kirby Swim is passionate in educating both swimmers and parents so that we decrease the chances of preventable drowning.