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Looking For Holiday Swimming Lessons In Perth Or Mandurah?

Jumpstart your swimming by booking in swimming lessons with Kirby Swim over the school holidays. Click the yellow button below to book in today.

Why Choose Kirby Swim As Your Swim School

Olympic Gold Medalist Designed Programs

Small Classes Sized For Maximum Attention

Programs To Develop Stronger Swimmers

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Vacswim Programs In Perth & Mandurah

Vacswim lessons are a fantastic way to get a jump-start on your swimming skills, or boost your learning over the School Holidays!

When you take Kirby Swim’s small class sizes and technique-focused program, and come every day for a week or more, you see amazing progress!

Our Vacswim program focuses on technique, skills and strength in the water, and is taught by our highly qualified, experienced teaching staff, who are trained to help your swimmers make the most out of each and every lesson.

For current swimmers, and new swimmers, our program is tailored to get rapid skill improvement over the week blocks, and when weeks are combined, skills really take off!

Try our Vacswim lessons and experience the difference a small, technique focused class can make to your swimmers skills today.

When Our Vac Swim Lessons Are Running

Holiday swimming lessons (Vac Swim lessons) are run in most School Holiday breaks at most centres.

We believe that swimming is a life-saving skill that should be done year-round, and as such, offer swimming nearly every week of the year.
Holiday lessons can be booked online by anyone – new swimmers to the program as well as current swimmers looking for a holiday ‘boost’ or fun activity to do.

Holiday Swimming bookings open a few weeks prior to school holiday blocks, and your local centre will have information to help you book in online, over the phone, in person or just help you out with any queries you may have – we look forward to seeing you for the best Vac Swim lessons in Perth and Mandurah!

Why Our Customers Choose Kirby Swim

Locations Of Kirby Swim's Vacswim Programs

Kirby Swim has 5 convenience locations across the Perth Metro area but not all swimming services are offered at each location. The colour images below shows the locations where this service is offered. Please read through the location page to understand exactly what services are offered at this location.

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