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Kirby Swim develops beautiful, confident, skilled swimmers at the world-class Methodist Ladies’ College and Christ Church Grammer School Aquatic Precinct. At this wonderful facility, we deliver our swimming programs, developed by Sydney Olympic Gold Medalist Bill Kirby OAM. Click below to book a lesson online or view our timetable today.

Why Choose Kirby Swim As Your Swim School

Olympic Gold Medalist Designed Programs

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Swimming Lessons Christ Church

Established in 2002, Kirby Swim has been running from the fabulous 7-lane, 50m, geothermally heated pool located within the grounds of Christ Church Grammar School. With the addition of a water polo pool at MLC opened in 2020, the facility now encompasses two pools for all teaching and learning needs. The pools are heated to a balmy 29 degrees year-round for total comfort in swimming. This premium program offers an unparalleled level of swimming tuition and service to the Western Suburbs swimmer. We pride ourselves on not only teaching your child to swim but teaching them how to swim well. We focus on technique, strength, and technical endurance, to develop swimmers to have a life-long skill.

Why Choose Kirby Swim For Your Christ Church Swimming Lessons

From swimmers 3 and up, we understand how to nurture, teach and train swimmers to be the strongest, safest and best swimmers they can be. With an Olympic Gold Medalist owning and training our staff, Kirby Swim offer the best swimming lessons in the Western Suburbs, from the Christ Church pool.

Our focus is on making your swimmer stronger and safer, in a fun and engaging environment, were learning happens best. We focus on each swimmer as an individual, and make sure we get the building blocks of swimming right, for life-long technique and skill. At Kirby Swim we are passionate about teaching your child how to not just swim, but to swim well, for life.

Here's Our Range Of Swimming Services Offered In Christ Church

Kirby Swim has 6 convenient locations across the Perth Metro area but not all swimming services are offered at each location.
The colour images below shows the services that are offered at this location. Please scroll down for more detailed information about each service offered in Christ Church.

Why Our Customers Choose Kirby Swim

Swimming Levels & Services Offered At This Location

Not all of Kirby Swims lessons & programs are offered at each of our 6-locations. The lessons & programs listed below are what is available in Christ Church. Please reach out to our team if you have any questions or require further information.

Kids Learn To Swim

3 years → 5 years: For beginners who are not comfortable placing their head underwater and or going into a lesson with a new teacher, without mum or dad. Focus is on confidence, safe entry/exits, breath holding and submersion, floating and kicking. Lots of games and fun are used to encourage children to begin to enjoy the swimming experience.

3+ years: For beginners who are comfortable placing their head underwater and getting into a lesson with a new teacher, but still need close instructor support. Focus is on increasing water confidence, safe entry/exits, breath holding and submersion, and further developing floating, straight leg kicking and independent swimming to and from the wall/platform and the instructor. Productive and fun activities are used to ensure children enjoy their swimming experience.

The confident and independent beginner. Squids learn good horizontal body position through greater emphasis on kicking, torpedoes and the introduction of big (freestyle) arms. Kicking on their back is introduced as well as reinforcing submersion, floating, general independence and safety skills. 

Swimmers that have mastered the ability to maintain a strong straight leg kicking action with controlled big (freestyle) arm action now get to introduce the breathing. Practising and the beginning of mastering Aussie Crawl (freestyle) is challenging and exciting. Backstroke is also introduced in this level.

Learn and further develop their freestyle and backstroke with added technique cues over longer distances. Stronger kicking and longer strokes are encouraged and breaststroke kick is introduced.

Swimmers learn to breathe bilaterally (breath every third stroke) in freestyle, further refinement of freestyle and backstroke for smoother easier strokes. We also introduce the breaststroke arm sculling action. 

This is the last level before swimmers permanently progress to squads,for this reason we place a lot of importance in ensuring that the technique endurance is ready for the next step. Maintaining good form under fatigue is important to avoid practising poor technique and developing bad technique habits. Long glides in Breaststroke are taught as well as the introduction of butterfly kick.

This is the number one way to boost a child’s swimming progress (available for Stingrays through to Snappers). Combining one session per week with this mini-squad type session with their regular swimming lesson offers two opportunities a week to improve. One session with a strong emphasis on mastering a skill and great form/technique and the other session (KS Academy) which is 45min long boosting their fitness and stamina. Kids love the group feel of this group and always get into the relays and challenges the coaches throw at them.

For swimmers needing specialised attention for developmental, behavioural or other support, or swimmers who need specialist attention on a specific aspect of their stroke, private lessons can be tailored to suit the swimmers unique needs and circumstances.

Swim Squads

A mini-squad where swimmers start their journey in becoming fitter and faster swimmers. They learn lane etiquette (keeping left, intervals and reading the clock), butterfly, tumble turns, IM turns and lots of new drills to enhance their technique. Sessions range in distance from 400-600m, with lots of new skills to learn and fun relays to be done with their lane buddies.

Swimmers can cover over 1000-1400m in their hour long session. This is the first level where many swimmers really experience fatigue, and as there is a larger fitness component we strongly encourage swimming at least 2 x week to feel that improvement in stamina and speed that leads to increased enjoyment. Technique is not forgotten and drills in all strokes and feedback on form is a constant from the coaches. Our Intermediate swimmers are often the children winning their school swimming carnivals and enjoying water sports such as water polo, surfing and surf lifesaving.

Swimmers are experienced squad swimmers with a high level of ability and fitness. They enjoy the benefits of keeping fit, strong and fast in the water. Some of the swimmers train to keep fit for other sports like running, football, basketball and water polo or surf club and other squad swimmers just train because they love it!

For those swimmers that develop a love for swimming fast and like to push themselves against the clock to measure their progress. We offer programs under the Swimming WA affiliated banner ‘Westside’ at our MLC (Methodist Ladies College) CCGS (Christ Church Grammar School) location in Claremont. Westside is a WA ‘A Grade Premiership’ club that caters for all ages and abilities from those just starting out to those of an Olympic standard (K. Radford Rio Olympic Swimmer 2016)


Holiday swimming programs are intensive and a great way to upskill quickly and move ahead in your swimming. They are also a great way to burn holiday energy! Kirby Swim runs holiday programs in December/January, Easter and October Holidays. 

From adult learn to swim lessons, to adult squads for swimmers looking to stay fit, improve their technique or get ready to swim to Rotto, Kirby Swim has a range of adult programs. We have fully-qualified coaches and can get you to where you want to be in your swimming. Reach out for more information.

For children with a diagnosis of Autism, who are at a higher risk of drowning, Kirby Swim can work with you to gain valuable safety and swimming skills in a suitable environment. Our Autism Swim approved teachers can work one-on-one, or help your child thrive or transition into a group lesson. Speak to us about your unique needs and we can build a plan to suit your child together.

Water Polo is offered at this location. For more information – please look at our water polo page in the menu.

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