Private Swimming Lessons In Perth & Mandruah

We provide Private Swimming Lessons In Perth & Mandurah that are designed to improve your swimming technique, skill and confidence. If you would like a one on one swimming lessons with a nationally accredited teacher – click the yellow button below to book a private swimming lesson now.

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Private Swimming Lessons In Perth & Mandurah

As swimming professionals, we understand that not every swimmer is suited to a group swimming lesson. 

Whether it be to overcome a fear of water, or to learn a specific skill faster, or perhaps just to iron out a problem that has been bugging you, our kids and adult private swimming lessons may suit. 

Private lessons can be tailored for length, time and skill and the teacher can be specially selected to suit the needs of the leaner. It’s all possible with a private learn to swim lesson at Kirby Swim. 

Kids Private Swimming Lessons In Perth & Mandurah

Has your child struggled in a group swimming lesson? Or perhaps they are anxious or afraid of swimming and need a little extra help or gentle guidance in the water? Kids private swimming lessons may help.

At Kirby Swim, we take pride in tailoring our private swimming lessons to suit all your child’s needs, from physical, to social and emotional, we can find the right teacher to help your child succeed.

Private lessons can be one off, to drill down on an issue and really focus on a fix, or ongoing, where we develop a plan to develop your child’s skills and strengths over a period of time. Either way it’s up to you, and we are here to work with you to make your child’s swimming fun, successful and enjoyable!

Adults Private Swimming Lessons In Perth & Mandurah

Adult private swimming lessons are an excellent way to learn that skill you’ve always wanted to be able to do, from putting your face in the water without being scared, to swimming butterfly like a champion.

Adult Private swimming lessons can do all this and more.

Private swimming lessons can be developed to suit all goals and abilities, and with a flexible timetable, we can fit your lessons in at a time that suits you best.

From one off lessons, to blocks of lessons, we have the flexibility to plan swimming that suits your needs best here at Kirby Swim.

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Locations Of Kirby Swim's Private Swimming Lessons

Kirby Swim has 6 convenient locations across Mandurah & the Perth Metro area for all of its swimming lessons & programs. The coloured images down below indicate which of our locations offer this service.

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