Adult Swimming Lessons In Perth & Mandurah

If you’re looking for Adult Swimming Lessons In Perth or Mandurah, you’re in the right place. With 18+ years of experience and multiple locations. Kirby Swim can help get you confident in the water in a nurturing environment. Click the yellow button below to book a lesson now.

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Adults Swimming Lessons In Perth & Mandurah

From adults who are afraid of the water, and have always wanted to swim, to adult who can swim, but just want to swim better, Kirby swim has a range of adult swimming lessons to suit all levels. From private lessons, to small groups and squads, we have a range of adult swim lessons to suit your needs and skill/fitness levels.

Learn To Swim Lessons For Adults

Wouldn’t you like to feel strong and fit in the water? Have beautiful technique? Perhaps get fitter and faster to enter that swim event you’ve always dreamed of doing?

Adult swimming lessons might be for you! From one on one private lessons, helping you overcome your fear of the water, or helping you develop a skill you have never been able to achieve, a private lesson can give you the confidence and skill to be able to progress in the water the way you’ve always wanted to.

Small group lessons keep you progressing in a fun and friendly environment, with personalised tuition to suit your skill needs.

Adult squads allow you to develop fitness and skill, in a fun and friendly environment with like-minded people. Whatever your needs are, Kirby Swim has an adult swimming lesson to suit your needs.

Adult Swim Squads In Perth & Mandurah

For swimmers of all ages, with goals of all types, our adult swim squads in Perth and Mandurah are for almost everyone!

Our squads swim 2-3 times per week, with a variety of times on offer to suit.

We focus on technique and fitness, in a fun environment with loads of camaraderie. Young and old swimmers enjoy getting fitter and stronger in the pool together, learning new skills and encouraging each other to reach personal goals and milestones. Not just for the elite swimmer, our adult squads are for all levels of swimmer, with the only requirement to join being a general swimming ability, and a sense of fun!

Adult Private Swim Lessons

If you have a specific skill you wish to learn, fear you want to overcome, or just prefer learning in a one-on-one environment, then a private lesson may be right for you. Private lessons can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual swimmer, and are focused entirely on your progress and skill level. Our highly trained and qualified instructors are here to help you reach your goals in a supportive and friendly environment.

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Locations Of Kirby Swim's Swimming Lessons

Kirby Swim has 6 convenient locations across Mandurah & the Perth Metro area for all of its swimming lessons & programs. The coloured images down below indicate which of our locations offer this service.

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