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Are You Interested In Playing Water Polo In Perth?

Develop your water polo skills and fitness with our fun and friendly Go-Polo program!

Why Play Water Polo With Kirby Swim

Olympic Gold Medalist Designed Programs

Classes Sized For Maximum Attention

Programs To Develop Stronger Players

Nationally Accredited Teachers & Coaches

What Is The "Go Polo" Program?

Water polo is a fun, fast-paced Olympic sport, and we have professional coaches here at Kirby Swim to teach you all the skills to play at any level. 

Like our swimming lessons, we have a focus on technique and skill development, so our ‘Go Polo’ program has been created by world-class coaches to give you all the skills and fitness to be able to play water polo.

We spend time on skill development, as well as small-format games to teach you about this fabulous game in a fun and supportive environment.

Learn & Play Junior Water Polo In Perth

Our unique and professionally developed water polo program ‘Go Polo’ is open to students in year 3-6 of primary school.

Many water polo programs focus solely on gameplay, with little or no skill development, and without expert coaching.

Here at Kirby Swim, we think differently.

We take our passion for great skills and technique, and combine it with professional coaching, to offer you a unique way of learning the sport of water polo that is ‘Go Polo’!

Combining with the Dolphins water Polo Club, WA’s Oldest Water Polo Club, and developer of numerous National and Olympic players, we also offer a pathway to Junior State League (JSL) team involvement once your Go Polo skills are perfected!

Where Can You Play Water Polo?

Water Polo is available at our Christ Church location in the amazing, world-class, MLC/Christ Church Aquatic Precinct.

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