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 Let’s get you in the right level, first time, every time. To book a Swimming Assessment In Perth or Mandurah with Kirby Swim – click on the yellow button below.

Swimming Assessments In Perth & Mandurah

It’s really important to get the right swimming lesson for your child. That means, the right combination of learning, challenges, children in the class and teaching style.

We take swimming very seriously! So we work hard to get children in the right lesson, first time. This means that we may need to assess your child, with your help, to see what class suits them best.

For younger children with little to no swimming experience, we can often do a phone assessment with you, to work out the best level and lesson. Please contact us and we can arrange this at a suitable time. For older swimmers, we may, at times, require an ‘in water’ assessment, to make sure we get it right. This is a chance for you to visit the pool too, and see how the classes look and feel. We usually ask your child to show us their skills, in a really friendly and fun way – to minimise any nervousness or anxiety they may be feeling.

These in-water assessments can be booked with us, please contact your centre of choice and we will help find a day and time to visit that suits you!

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Kirby Swim has 6 convenient locations across Mandurah & the Perth Metro area for all of its swimming lessons & programs. The coloured images down below indicate which of our locations offer this service.

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