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We Believe In Nurturing Skilful, Lifelong Swimmers

Our passionate approach to swimming makes each lesson engaging, and over time, we build confident and skilled swimmers. 

How We Can Help You

Swimming is a skill that all our children should have, to stay safer around water, in our water loving country! 

At Kirby Swim we help your swimmer develop skills for life, nurturing them from babies, to confident toddlers, school-aged racers and beyond!

We are focused on a personalised and fun approach to helping your swimmer be the strongest swimmer they can be, confident in all situations and able to enjoy water sports and swimming for a lifetime.

An Adult is swimming in Kirby Swim Swimming Pool

Our Philosphy

With an Olympic background, Bill believes that we should not just teach swimming, but teach swimming well. 

We believe in strong technique, that creates a stronger, safer and more powerful stroke. 

We believe that swimming is not only a sport, but a life skill, and that being able to swim well gives you the opportunity to say ‘yes’ to more things in life, enjoy the outdoors, participate in sports and fitness activities, and be healthier and happier. 

Bill believes that learners should be supported in a positive and nurturing environment, where learning is enjoyable, and skill development flows naturally – kids want to come back!

Our Story

When Bill retired from his international swimming career, he decided to combine his love for swimming, exercise science and teaching, and create a swim school where technique was paramount and kids enjoyed learning a skill for life.

Bill and his wife Saskia, met at university, and have spent a lifetime swimming, exercising, enjoying the outdoors and everything that life has to offer.

They have combined their love of swimming and sport, knowledge of exercise science and physiotherapy, to develop a unique program that is centred around developing skill and strength in the water. 

Over nearly 20 years they have been instrumental in helping swimmers develop into State, National and International athletes, as well as nurturing fearful, scared swimmers to love the water, kids to develop a love of swimming-based sports like surfing, water polo and surf club, as well as well as teenager and adults who love swimming for fitness and general health.

Photo of Bill & Saskia Kirby

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