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Toddler & Baby Swimming Lessons In Perth & Mandurah

Kirby Swim is a premium provider of Toddler & Baby Swimming Lessons Perth & Mandurah. Our programs have been designed by an Olympic Gold Medialist to develop stronger swimmers and are delivered by nationally accredited teachers in a smaller class to give your child extra attention and help them learn. Book a lesson with Kirby Swim by clicking the yellow button below. 

Why Choose Kirby Swim As Your Swim School

Olympic Gold Medalist Designed Programs

Small Classes Sized For Maximum Attention

Programs To Develop Stronger Swimmers

Nationally Accredited Teachers & Coaches

Toddler & Baby Swimming Lessons In Perth & Mandurah

These lessons are conducted in a format offered nowhere else in Perth and developed by an Olympic Gold Medalist in conjunction with a physiotherapist, to combine a love of swimming with knowledge of child development and learning. Beginning from 6 weeks up to 3 years, infants and toddlers are taught several life-saving and swimming skills that are essential for water safety.

These skills are slowly and lovingly introduced in our baby and toddler swimming lessons, when your child is ready, to ensure your child has a fun yet valuable learning experience. The use of song helps us teach babies essential skills such as floating, turning back to touch grab the edge, ‘falling in”, kicking and breath control. We have a maximum of 8 children per class with each level matched for age and developmental stage.

The pools we use for the Baby program are heated to a very comfortable 32-34 degrees and double sanitised to maintain the best water quality in Perth baby swimming lessons!

Baby Swim Lessons Happening In A Pool With Mother And Baby Daughter Present
Photos Of A Several Mothers & Their Babies Taking Part In Baby Swimming Lessons

Why Choose Our Swimming Classes For Babies & Toddlers

When you take an Olympic Gold Medalist (Bill Kirby OAM) and combine those skills with a Physiotherapist (Saskia Kirby B.Sc) and add over 40 years of combined teaching experience, you get an amazing baby and toddler swimming program!

Our Baby and Toddler program, from 6 weeks of age onwards, is focused on teaching children the life-saving skills of swimming as early and as well as possible.

We believe the best way to teach children to swim is with fun, love and a program based on their developmental readiness and needs.

Learning to swim is a life-saving skill in the under 3 age group, and at Kirby Swim, our baby and toddler swimming lessons are focused on the skills that make our children safer around water, such as breath control, floating, kicking, turning and independence.

We believe that early swimmers are safer, sooner, and with a skills-focused program such as ours, your child can develop strong swimming skills in a fun and engaging way.

What You Learn In Our Toddler & Baby Swim Classes

Our baby and toddler swimming lessons are not just singing and movement in the water! At Kirby Swim we are highly focused on early skill development and, in particular, the development of safety skills that make children stronger and safer around water.

Baby and toddler lessons focus on four main areas: safety skills, floating skills, propulsion skills and breath control skills. Each week we plan our lessons to have the best variety of skill practice, and we gradually progress skills each week to suit your child’s stage of development and readiness.

We know that learning to swim saves lives, and we are focused on having stronger, safer children in our community who learnt o swim early, and develop and maintain essential swimming skills through a professionally developed baby and toddler swimming program.

Taking Part In Our Swimming Lessons For Babies Is A Mother & Daughter In The Pool Touching Noses & Looking Each Other In The Eyes
Swimming Classes For Babies In Action With Many Parents In The Watch With Their Children

Swimming Levels

Below are all the toddler & baby swimming levels offered by Kirby Swim

Baby Dolphin Level For Babies
Baby Dolphin Level For Babies

6 weeks → 6 months: A gentle introduction to swimming with the first concepts of safety, propulsion, floating and breath control learned.

Dolphin Level For Babies
Dolphin Level For Babies

6 months → 1 year & walking: Continuing from our introduction to water, we now teach more advanced safety, propulsion, breath control and floating skills in a fun and playful way to maximise learning and retention.

Jellyfish Level For Toddlers
Jellyfish Level For Toddlers

1 year & walking → 22 months: This is the highest risk age for drowning in children, so we focus heavily on safety and independence skills, within a fun learning environment. We aim to make safety responses more automatic with our patterning and repetition of important skills.

Starfish Level For Toddlers
Starfish Level For Toddlers

22 months → 3 years: We progress you child’s safety, propulsion, floating and breath control skills and start to aim for periods of independence. We integrate learning into a fun environment to keep little swimmers engaged and progressing.

Turtle Transition Level For Kids
Turtle Transition Level For Kids

2.5 years → 3 years: For the very confident and increasingly independent young swimmer, this level aims to enhance the transition from parent-led swimming to teacher-led swimming. We increase independence and progress more rapidly in this level. Parents are still in the water, but assisting children to become comfortable with teacher-led learning, for their next phase of their learn to swim journey from age 3 onwards.

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Kirby Swim has 6 convenient locations across Mandurah & the Perth Metro area for all of its swimming lessons & programs. The coloured images down below indicate which of our locations offer this service. Please read through the location page to understand exactly what services are offered at this location.

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