Baby Swim lessons are just play and repetition

If you think that, you’re not alone. In fact, many parents complain of being bored in a baby swim lesson mostly due to the repetition of activities and songs that we do.

But if we take a closer look at how children learn and the methodology surrounding that, perhaps it helps to understand that play-based learning and repetition is super important and super effective in our under 3 age groups, and that running lessons in this way will actually increase learning and brain power in our children.

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The Swimming Journey

It's funny when we think of swimming, we think of it as something we should all know how to do well, but I often find that parents lose patience with the process and become frustrated at how long it takes to become a great, and very safe swimmer. I find that often parents will stop the swimming journey when they feel their children are safe, or can swim 50m, but in my books, children still haven't developed enough skill and strength to be really good swimmers at that stage.
Sure, we can all somewhat swim after a few years of lessons, and appear to be safe in the pool, but consider the strength of swimming needed to become safe at the beach, or in open water, or when on a boat.
To become a truly safe swimmer, the journey is a long and sometimes difficult one.
We will visit the countries of fun, bonding and joyful singing with parents early on.
Then we visit the country of fear, or tantrums, when parental embarrassment sometimes comes to the fore!
We reach success and big arms fairly early on in the journey.
Then we make the mountains higher and the valleys deeper and add technique and efficiency.
As we progress on out journey, the skills not only get harder, but we also get more coordinated, fit and strong in the water.
We also make bonds with our class mates, coaches and friends via shared experiences and sometimes shared tough sessions!

To make a stronger swimmer in summer, you need to maintain and develop skills all year round, and also understand that swimming involves summits and valleys, easy skills and hard skills. Persistence and perseverance are part of the swimming journey, and the result is a strong, efficient and safe swimmer at the end of the journey!

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