Learn To Swim

We run learn-to-swim lessons for children aged from 3 years at all of our locations. Claremont, Christ Church Grammar, Karrinyup, Mandurah and Melville offer the full range of KirbySwim Learn to Swim levels.

Learning to swim is a critical skill for all children to learn. As each child is different it is important that swimming lessons be flexible in their delivery so that every child has the opportunity to improve and acquire skills at their own pace. In comparison to other swim schools our learn-to-swim lessons at Kirby Swim have smaller class numbers, this helps kids to learn and practice more skills in every class, making the time spent in the pool as productive as possible.

We offer 4 levels within our learn-to swim program - with each level having an advanced class for those swimmers at the top of their level. Grouping swimmers in classes with children of similar ability and age, ensures each class has the optimum dynamic faster learning, becoming safer, sooner.

All swimmers over the age of 5 need to be assessed before enrolling, please contact us to arrange this. For those under 5 please give us a call for an over the phone assessment.

Assessments should take no more than 5-10 minutes of your time and will ensure your child's first lesson with us is a great one!


Sea Horses: For the very beginner. Sea Horses are usually unconfident beginners who are unable to place their head underwater. Swimmers are taught confidence, safe entry/exit, breath holding and submersion, floating and kicking. Lots of games and fun are used to encourage children to begin to enjoy the swimming experience.

Available at Claremont, Christ Church Grammar , Karrinyup, Melville and Mandurah


Squid: The confident beginner. The Squid may have done baby swim lessons previously or enjoys horsing around in the pool with friends or family. Squids learn submersion and retrieval, diving, kicking, floating and 'big' freestyle arms.

Available at Claremont, Christ Church GrammarKarrinyup, Melville and Mandurah


Stingray: The Stingray learns and develops their freestyle and backstroke with the teaching of side breathing and longer distances between stops to encourage technique. Stingrays also learn standing dives and may even progress to diving from the blocks! Breaststroke kick is introduced.

Available at Claremont, Christ Church Grammar, Karrinyup, Melville and Mandurah.


Snapper: The Snapper has good freestyle and backstroke and technique work focuses on making their 'good' strokes better. Breaststroke timing is a focus of the Snapper and by the time a Snapper graduates they can swim 25m freestyle, backstroke and 15m breaststroke.

Available at Claremont, Christ Church Grammar, Karrinyup, Melville and Mandurah.