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General FAQs

What should we wear and bring to swimming?

Baby swimmers need to wear a fitted aqua nappy in the water, these are available from Kirby Swim or most supermarkets. Children in a learn to swim or squad level need a snug fitting pair of bathers and a pair of goggles too. We recommend swim caps for children with long hair, fabric caps are available from Kirby Swim too, these are much more comfortable to wear.

What if my child doesn't like swimming?

Swimming is a life saving skill that is essential in Australia, being surrounded by water, so it's important to help your child to understand that swimming is a skill that must be learned. Approach swimming lessons with a sense of fun and enjoyment, and talk about the fun things they will do in the class. Give lot's of pool side encouragement during the lessons, lots of 'good jobs' and thumbs up go will help. And brag about their amazing achievements to family and friends. Confidence is the key. With over 302 preventable drownings in Australia the year 2008/09, mostly in rivers, it is so important that children under 5 are taught to swim and survive.

What if my child is sick?

Children with contagious illnesses are much better off staying home and resting up. In the case of gastrointestinal infections, please keep your swimmer out of the water until they are well for at least 7 days. Swimming will not cause more illnesses as the pool water is one of the most sterile environments you can enter, however illnesses can be spread through contact, so to avoid the spread of illnesses please encourage your sick children to stay home and away from any group activities.

What about swimming in winter?

Swimming is a skill that must be learned and practiced all year round, unfortunately, children still drown in winter too. Our pools are heated to make swimming comfortable all year round and you will really see the skill difference come summer when you swim throughout the year. Children tend to forget new skills taught and new found water confidence will disappear without continual practice, to avoid this we recommend a year round approach, with only small breaks from lessons to re-charge.

What is the pool deck supervisor there for?

Our pool deck supervisors are highly trained and experienced in swimming. They are there to ensure that lesson structure and continuity are flowing and that children within the class are working well together. They are also there to continually improve our teaching staff with tips and ideas. Please utilise this valuable resource, feel free to talk to the pool deck supervisor at any time with comments or concerns regarding your children's swimming, they are there to help! They will work with the parents in partnership to ensure every lesson for every swimmer is as good as it can be.

How long does it take to learn to swim?

Swimming is a lifelong skill, and that takes years to master. Children really do learn at very different rates and have different strengths and weaknesses so it is impossible to say how long it should take for your child to be safe, and swimming well. Remember, if you have any concerns about your child’s progress, talk to our pool deck supervisor and chat about progress and tips. But please remember to reward little improvements you see, be patient and expect some plateaus, where skills stagnate and some peaks, where skills rapidly progress.

My child has plateaued

It is a normal part of learning to plateau and to not see significant improvements for some part of your child's swimming learning career. These plateaus are usually followed by periods of intense skill acquisition, where the child swims out of their skin, so it is a case of ebbs and flows. Don't pressure your child at this stage, remain calm and happy and keep coming to your regular lesson, it will soon pass. If you are concerned about the plateau, speak to your Childs pool deck supervisor and make a plan of action together.

My child is not listening in a class, what should I do?

It is expected that young swimmers get over excited in their swimming lesson, bob under water and find it hard to focus and listen to the teacher. Teachers are very patient and deal with this scenario daily. For your child the water is fun and often for the younger swimmers their swimming lessons provide the first teacher – pupil relationship. Children are not programmed to listen to teachers, they need to learn this skill and this may take a few lessons. If you're worried about that your child or another child within the class please speak to the supervisor for their experienced input.

Mandurah FAQs

What benefit is there of paying by direct debit?

You don't have to pay for 10-12 weeks payment for lessons up front, just two weeks of payment for lessons are deducted at a time, so it's easier on cash flow. You are not locked in for a whole Term or block of 12 Weeks and this helps if you know that you are going away, or other commitments are coming up. You only need to provide two (2) weeks notice to Suspend or Cancel any bookings.

If I'm unhappy with my child's swim teacher, who can I speak to?

We aim to have every lesson for every child as good as it can be, if you have concerns about your child's lesson or progress we welcome you to discuss any of these with out on-deck Supervisor in the Red Shirt.

Can I do a make-up lesson if I miss one?

We don't offer make-up lessons, BUT we do offer a Family Swim voucher that you can use on Saturday's between 12-00 and 1-30pm. You can come to the pool practice your skills with your child and siblings.

What age does my child have to be to commence in the program?

For the Baby Program the minimum  age is 4 months. Once your child is 3 yrs they can swim on their own in the  Learn to Swim Program.

If we are unable to attend for a few weeks, are we able to suspend payment at all?

Yes, you can suspend for (2) weeks  at any time per year and maintain your time and day, if you need more time than  this we will not be able to hold your time and day, so you will need to cancel  your lessons and re-book when your able to come back and continue your lessons.  You may get the desired time/day/teacher but this will be based on the  availability at that time. We close for the week over the Christmas. This  system offers a greater chance of continuity with teachers than a usual term by  term program.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes providing it is given two  weeks prior in writing, we obviously like to know the reason for cancelling to  assist us in ensuring we can make changes when needed to improve everything we  offer.

Do you offer discount / concession for more than one (1) child?

We offer 10% discount on the 3rd  (and subsequent) child(ren) enrolled in the program.

Is it cheaper to make the Term Payment or the Direct Debit option?

No, the cost is the same

Do you offer Lessons over the weekend?

Only on Saturdays until 12-00pm  (also depends on availability)

Does a "Term" mean school term?

No, a Term of 12 weeks commences  from the first day of enrolment and can be made on any date throughout the  year.

Do you run the programs through the School Holidays?

Yes we do, we close only over the  Christmas & New Year Period for around 10 days.

When does my child get assessed?

We have supervisors that  continually assess the classed to ensure the swimmers classes are optimal, but  we also have structures assessment/parent feedback weeks set in the calendar  approximately every 7-8 weeks.

If I pay a Term Payment the 1st time, can I change it to Direct Debit at the end of the 12 weeks?

Yes, we recommend the direct debit  payments for ease, in fact over 85% of our clients choose this method.

Can we swim at the pool on a casual basis at any time?

Only on a Saturday between 12-00  & 1.30pm for “Family Swim Time” and only if you a current family within the  Kirby Swim program.

How many students are there per class?

Baby Program = Maximum 8, Learn To  Swim Program = From 3  in the beginner  levels, this increases up to 6 swimmers in our upper levels of the Learn To  Swim program. Our Marlin (squad) Programs have from 7 to 9 swimmers per coach.

Do you offer Creche Facilities?

No, we do however have a play-room  with toys and a television with a security door in place, some parents use this  area to help entertain their kids while they other siblings swimming or when  getting swimmers ready to swim or dressed to leave.

Is there a cooling off Period?

The contract of enrolment can be  cancelled within 7 days of commencement   and total monies refunded without further obligation.

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