Kirby Swim Team

You cannot create passion, without a passionate team. Our team proudly boasts some very experienced and very passionate swimming instructors, coaches and administrators.

Our team includes those with vast experiences that include; running their own/other swim programs, coaching swimmers to National competitions, developing swimming and coaching programs for Swimming WA, presenting swimming teaching and coaching courses/conferences and that's just our Administration team.

Our team of teachers are all hold internationally recognised qualifications (Austswim or Swim Australia) and are also trained in house. All teachers attend our quarterly training days and encouraged to attend state or national run conferences. We understand that our swim school is only as good as our teachers are effective, we therefore place a major emphasis on ensuring they are kept up to date, motivated and that they maintain the level of teaching that makes Kirby Swim so popular.

About Our Coaches

Our coaching team boasts Olympic Gold medallists, International representatives from Australia and the United Kingdom and Rottnest Channel Solo Swimmers and they all have trained the current IGSSA and PSA school champion teams.

Our coaching team meet weekly to plan their sessions and talk shop, they love their swimming and seeing their swimmers produce great results what drives them.