iiNet Team Sprint Cup

Kirby Swim is very proud to announce that the 2011 iiNet Team Sprint Cup held at Christ Church Pool, Feb 20th 2011, raised over $140,000 for Autism West Inc. Kirby Swim has helped run this great event for Autism West Inc. for past 3 years totalling a staggering $350,000 being raised so far to help fund programs for families that are affected by Autism in WA. Kirby Swim would like to thank its great staff for helping run the event and support the great charity Autism West. For more information please visit: Team Sprint Cup.

Giving Back to Swimming

Over the years Bill has used his experience to assist with mentoring swimmers, and club/school swimming programs both locally and overseas. He has conducted swimming clinics for both swimmers and coaches in Indonesia and locally in Perth. Currently as the President of the local swimming club, Westside Christ Church Aquatic, Bill volunteers his time to help run the swimming club and offer younger swimmers with bigger aspirations the opportunity to succeed.